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I am truly honored to chair this group and am surrounded by group members who care deeply about our cause and advocate vigorously for the rights of the Disability Community for safe and affordable transportation. I am also excited about this website and our various partners who contribute information in order to empower those we serve to independently ascertain the resources needed to get themselves and their fellow community members from here to there!

Much more than telling you where to find a ride getting from point “A” to point “B”; our group wants to engage those in most need of transportation that we serve in the Disability Community. We want to hear directly from YOU with our contact resources. Also available here are educational and systems advocacy resources to familiarize ourselves with our transportation rights and resources that are available, and engage our local, state, and national political representation to make our voices heard! Visit our website's social media forum and “Let’s Ride!” “Oh, the Places [We’ll] Go!”

-Greg York

SPIL Transportation Group Chair